Apply your Trademark to other countries via the Madrid route!

Malaysia has acceded to the Madrid Protocol which introduce an international filing system for trademark registration on 27th December 2019.

Trademark registration is regional- different region, usually by country, has its own sets of trademark registration system. Therefore, it means that even you have your trademark registered in Malaysia, it does not get the protection status elsewhere in the world. To obtain protection for your trademark, you must file your trademark in the regions which you would like to obtain protection in. That is therefore you are advised to file a trademark application in all regions where your business operates. Of course, the best case would be to file your trademark in all regions in the world, however, this would not be cost effective, unless you are the multi-national giant company with the resources to do so.

Prior to Malaysia being a member of the Madrid system, you have to file your trademark application individually to each region that you would like to get protection for. Now, you may begin to use Madrid system to expand their trademark application internationally with simple management system, single language and single fees in one currency. At the same time, trademark proprietors from other countries who are members of Madrid System may begin designating Malaysia to obtain trademark protection in Malaysia. This in turns lowers the cost for trademark registration.

The Madrid System covers 122 countries. Malaysia can now act as the office of origin to receive applicant trademark application or registration before expanding to other countries and as office of the designating contracting party for proprietor of other countries.

Posted on Apr 27, 2022.